Wondering Why Your FB Ads Aren't Converting?

Tired of taking to the good ol' Google every time something isn't working and slamming the keyboard keys searching "How do I know what numbers to look at in Ads Manager?" and "Why are my Facebook Ads not working?"

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With years of experience working with course creators, coaches, and service providers, I've seen the ins and outs of Ads Manager. Gone rounds with getting ads to convert. And gotten a heck of a lot better at them if I do say so myself.

So I've taken all those years and piled them into this document to walk you through metrics to look at for lead generation campaigns and a flowchart to help walk you through finding the bottlenecks AND how to fix those.

Whether you are building your email list, getting calls booked for services, or running ads for people to join your webinar.. then this is for you! 

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